Beijing AIQI Technology Co.,Ltd. is an Internet technology company concentrating on the research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligent and Robotic Technology. We gathered a grounp of energetic, curious, creative and ambious young people together to explore this chanllengeing world. In the lastest three years, we acquired a great number of patents in area of intelligent equipment. Very excitingly, we estabished cooperation with the technical giant XIAOMI and become the only company of DIY Intelligent Robot in XIAOMI's Ecosystem Strategy. Armed with a powerful research team, the advanced technology, the superb production ability, we successfully put out our DIY intelligent interactive robots who are ease to use, able to update, AI intergrated and creativity inspiring. We devote ourselves to provide endless fun for everyone in modern life.

With AIQI, let the world pround of robots Made OF China;

With AIQI, let the life lighten up by technology;

With AIQI, create more and more fun!


1204A Block D, Jinyu Jiahua Mansion, 9 Shangdi Third Street, Beijing CHN